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first and foremost :D

Well here I am in all my, well me-ness!

Hi there and welcome to the weird, sometimes hyper, lonely, funny...oh you get the point, ramblings of me Nyx. Just thought i'd give this a go as a friend of mine is on here and it seems like a good kind of private place to air my thoughts that i don't exactly want to share with others i know, or they just don't care.

A bit about me, i'm married - been with my hubby for 9 years this year - 3 married - and we have an amazingly gorgeous little girl Sammy, who is the light of my life! Life is worth living so much more with her. I'm a witch and damn proud of it, I am a gothic night owl, I love all things spooky and creepy like skulls, bats, spells, bones etc as well as a few more normal things like dragonflies, wolves, snakes and a few weird things that you wouldn't expect from a girl who wears all black - I LOVE stripy socks, i have a small obsession with them - and i love Eeyore pyjamas, i have a collection :D

I love Horror and Fantasy a lot so lots of my fav movies and books revolve in these 2 genres - I love movies like Van Helsing, Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Underworld (pretty much anything with vampires or werewolves i love) and then there's ones like Young Frankenstein, Moulin Rouge, LOTR. Tv shows such as Merlin (OMG Colin Morgan.....another obsession) Supernatural, Lie to Me, Burn Notice and books by authors like Anne Rice, Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, Terry Pratchett, Robin Hobb, Isobelle Carmody, Cecelia Dart Thornton and many, many more in each category.

So thanks for reading, although this is short i'm sure things will get larger as time progresses :D anything else you want to know, just ask - for the most part i'd be happy to answer, although i'm sure you'll find out if something is too personal! 

Anyhow i'm off to see how this do-hicky works :D



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4th Mar, 2010 21:14 (UTC)
Pouty Ville and I say hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a question! * puts hand up in the air*

DO U LIEK MUDKIPS????? hahahahhahahahahahah XD

*huggles tight*

i use my journal to rant about shit i get angry with or when i want to be bizarre and post loads of videos and pics of pretty boys ^^ but like u it gives me the space to let out shit i normally cant anywhere else ^^

5th Mar, 2010 08:50 (UTC)
Re: HERRO!!!!!!!!!!!
Hehehe herro to pouty ville and you sis!

HAhahahah yes i liek mudkips, how can i not?

Sounds fantastic and you being my twin would know what i like :D

BIG HUGGLES and much LOVE from me :D

<3 Nyx
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