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how i'm feeling today

Well things are going really well at the moment and i feel i need to write them down, so if things go to hell in a handbasket - which in my life they so often do - i can look back at this for some inspiration.

So after almost 9 years of being together and going through almost every low and high a relationship can endure, things are going really well with hubby. It feels really good lately, we hug and kiss like we've just met again, we're spending more time together doing things like we used to and i know maybe TMI but the sex has been amazing! Seems like after having Sam things moved around a little and it's just been explosive - it's really great. Like yesterday, we had a really great day, Sammy went to her grandparents for a few hours while we walked around the tattoo and body piercing festival - which was much better than last year, but we had an awesome time, i bought this cuter than cute bag - black with roses and skulls, it's sooo awesome - and we just spent some time alone together which made the day just so much better.

Sammy has hit the age where although she can throw a mean tantrum when she wants to, for most of the time she's a really helpful good little girl - like at the moment she has on a pair of my shoes and handbag and she's turned to me and gone 'bye! i'm going to the shops, get lunch!' LOL things like that are just so cute!! and she's very affectionate with hugs and kisses and learning to say i love you  - that is 'uff foo' at the moment but she's getting there! :D

Work is going really well, moving into another position which is going to be good, hard work but stuff that's up my alley so it will be good, boss gave me a small pay rise and told me that they love me there and can't do without me, which is SO nice, i've never had an employer say that or give me these opportunities so it's very, very nice. The people i work with are awesome, especially 2 of the girls, we're really good friends so that always helps.

I also have the fortune of having one of the most amazing friends i've ever come across in my life online :D She's a wonderful gal and we have so much in common and we just clicked so well straight away and i feel so very, very fortunate to have this wonderful woman in my life - just in case you haven't figured it out yet Rosie, i'm talking about you! - You are my twin sis and one of the most if not the most amazing people i've ever met and i am so glad to have you as my friend! I love you sis!!

So yeah - things are going well and i'm feeling good!! :D


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9th Mar, 2010 01:09 (UTC)
WOOOOOHOOOO!!! Im so so so happy that things are working out so well with u and Dave ^^ AND you got a payrise! And a new job position!!!! :D that spellwork we did ... it seems to have worked out awesomely hehehhehehehehehhe XD

I always wanted to go to the tattoo onvention... one of my friends used to live with one of the australian tattoo champions a few years ago...he used to do the most amazing tattoos. I need to get off my arse and start saving for mine...but i have so much to save up for and pay i just dont know when its going to be hehhehe but at least i can dream... the geeky part of me wants to get a tatoo of my anime hero Priss Asagiri but i know that its a bit silly... one design i want is to get on my thigh a picture of ripped skin revealing electric wiring like a cyborg to honour my love of cyberpunk everything XD but again im not too sure cos i would also love a giant gothic hammer of thor with loads of intricate detail...plus then there is always my vampire magician ;) sooo many tattoos such little time!!!!

*FLYING HUGGLES* We suit each other well and you are my most awesomely wikid amazing twin ever a girl could wish for!!! * loves* its just amazing that I found someone whom understands and gets me and i can be me around ^^ Love u heaps sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXX
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